internet monitoring software reviewsInternet monitoring software has been around for while.  It lets you see what your kids or employees are doing on the internet without them ever knowing.  But as a parent or employer how do you know which internet monitoring software will work the best for you.

The good news is I already looked at many of these programs.  Most of them fall into one of two camps:

First are internet monitoring programs that just don’t do what the company promises.  You can spot these companies pretty quickly because they won’t offer you a free trial or a money back guarantee.  If you see companies like this stay far away from them.

Next are companies that can monitor your computer but don’t do a good job of it.  I mean they work for a few days and break.  Then you need to be really good with computers to configure them to get them to stay working.

The Best Internet Monitoring Software is PC Tattletale

Why did I pick PC Tattletale?  Easy.

PC Tattletale internet monitoring software is the easiest of all these kinds of programs to get working.  It requires you to know almost nothing about computers.  If you can install a simple program like Microsoft Word then you can install PC Tattletale.  But even if you don’t know anything about computers they have a 1-800 number you can call for help.

Here is a short internet monitoring software video off YouTube that you can watch here:

From this video you can see just how easy PC Tattletale is to put on your home computer.  Then you can watch what your kids (or employees) are doing online without them ever knowing.  Watch them from your iPhone, Android device, iPad, or a remote computer (PC).  PC Tattletale just makes it a breeze.

These days kids are online more than ever.  What they say and do today can hurt them for the rest of their lives.  Don’t let your kids be another statistic.  Get internet monitoring software like PC Tattletale and you can rest well at night knowing exactly what they are doing.  You will know they are staying out of trouble.